(sales staff with a specialisation in newspaper and magazine publishing)

Description of training course

"Verlagskaufmann/-frau" (Sales staff with a specialisation in newspaper and magazine publishing) handle all office activities involved in the organisation of production, sales and distribution of newspapers and magazines. Working for newspaper and magazine publishers, they advise customers about advertising, conclude advertising contracts and handle client contracts. Advertisement manuscripts need to be prepared for printing. 
In addition, they calculate production and sales costs, determine the print-run and the size of the newspapers or magazines, and organise advertising for subscriptions. 

Vocational training

The training course for the occupation of "Verlagskaufmann/-frau" is recognised under the Vocational Training Act. It is not assigned to a specific occupational profile. The three-year training course mainly takes place in the publishing company and at vocational school. The training course includes skills and knowledge at least in the following fields:

  • The company providing the training
  • Labour organisation, communication
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Rights and licences
  • Manufacturing of company products
  • Accounts management

In certain cases, it is possible to shorten the length of the training course.

Specialist and personal requirements to be met by applicants

  • Above-average "Mittlere Reife" or "Abitur" examination results
  • Flexibility
  • Team skills and ability to get on with others
  • Client-oriented attitude

Further development / specialisation

As a result of the training, you can work in the following functions and fields of activity:

  • Distribution, sales, customer acquisition
  • Marketing, advertising
  • Editing
  • Finance and accounting, auditing
  • Further training to become "Fachwirt/in" or "Fachkaufmann/-frau" recognised by chamber of commerce

Deadline for applications/commencement of training

Training commences in September.

Please send your application to:

Neue Presse Unternehmensservice GmbH
Medienstraße 5, 94036 Passau

or by email to: